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off the pigs' Journal
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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
1:55 pm
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
11:54 pm
i always feel like...somebody's watching me....
dig this...the law enforcement LJ community tried to shut this community down...and LJ told them basically to get bent:

Sunday, April 25th, 2004
11:41 am
Rash of shootings targets police
  • In San Francisco, a 29-year-old officer was shot and killed this month after approaching a suspected gang member who suddenly opened fire with an AK-47 semiautomatic rifle.

  • In Merced, a police officer was fatally shot earlier this month by a man he pulled over for a traffic stop. A Burbank rookie officer inspecting a car without license plates died in November following a gun battle with two suspected gang members.

  • A 16-year-old boy was charged Friday with murdering CHP Officer Thomas J. Steiner, 35, of Long Beach, who was shot Wednesday in front of the Pomona South Courthouse where he was to testify in traffic cases.

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  • Sunday, March 7th, 2004
    10:43 pm
    Yuba County SWAT team hazes its new members via sexual assault. They weren't able to finish with this particular recruit because they tore his arm out of its socket while trying to hold him still. They had already duct-taped his ankles ... just read the link.
    Thursday, March 4th, 2004
    12:59 am
    What I Did Tonight
    Me and a friend ran from some cops because they thought we were bootlegging a movie.

    Fuck cops!!

    Current Mood: runaway
    Thursday, February 19th, 2004
    10:03 am
    hey i'm new.
    my name's puppy (it's not my real name). i live in the Toronto Ont. Area

    I'm glad i found this community because i hate everything that has to do with cops.
    My boyfriend got arrested two days ago and i'm trying to get him out by wednesday.
    hope i meet some other people with the same interest.
    Monday, December 8th, 2003
    4:51 am
    police shooting in my home ghetto
    I was talking to my mom on the phone and she was telling me about this kid in the neighborhood who was shot by a cop for having a gun, but really it was only a BB gun.

    The next day my brother invited a friend over so they could run around shooting each other with their air guns, and my mom called the police station to let them know, and asked them not to shoot her son while he was playing in her front yard.

    They told her to tell him to play inside. She told me she was trying to call the ACLU. She says, "My son has a right to play outside." With his gun. Yeah.

    It's crazy that my brother could get shot for nothing. It's funny because my mom is really against guns, even toy guns.

    And um, I just thought I'd share that 'cause it's not like anyone really posts in here.
    Monday, September 29th, 2003
    11:49 pm
    I feel very strongly on this subject. I've been tottaly black balled by entire groups for saying 'even child rapists deserve more human rights than cops'. People disagree, totaly overlooking the fact that cops are the worst child rapists there are. Any person who would put his life on the line to have power over other people deserves to die. I wish we could figure out the gene that makes people want to become cops, so they could be killed in utero.
    Anyways, hi. I'm jacob.

    Current Mood: awake
    Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003
    3:27 pm
    Ok, so here's the lowdown.
    I heard about protest going on at Zip-O-Log yesterday, and decided to go. Hey, I like Fall Creek, and I don't think it should be logged as well. Anyways, eventually it turned into critical mass, and while we were biking (about 12 of us), the whole EPD surrounded us (about 35 police) and gave tickets to everyone (except me and Tim Lewis, because of our cameras, mostly)..what was really strange is the dramatic way the cops handled the situation, adorned in riot gear, a helicopter, and they completely blocked off Ferry street bridge even though we were blocks and blocks away from there. They arrested 2 people (reasons unknown) and this morning one of the people was released and told my friend that the cops kicked him when he was arrested. What the fuck!?
    Wednesday, October 9th, 2002
    1:22 pm
    What I want people to know is, that they call me a cold-blooded killer. I shot a man who shot me first. The only thing that convicted me is that I'm a Mexican and he's a police officer. From there you call me a cold-blooded murderer.

    I didn't tie anybody to a stretcher. I didn't pump poison into anybody's veins from behind a locked door. You call this justice. I call this and your society a bunch of cold-blooded murderers.

    - Henry M. Porter
    executed in Texas by lethal injection on July 9, 1985 for killing a cop
    Sunday, August 18th, 2002
    1:37 pm
    5 Mississippi Officers Shot in Spree
    5 Miss. Officers Shot in Spree

    Associated Press Writer

    JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Five law enforcement officers were shot during a bloody 36-hour saga that ended Sunday morning with the arrest of one man in the small Mississippi Delta town of Friars Point.

    Mayor Herbert Thomas said none of the five officers was killed, and the man suspected in all five shootings — as well as in the shooting of a man on Friday — was in custody.

    Friars Point Police Chief Anthony Smith had been trying to arrest Patrick Harper in connection with that Friday night shooting when the chief was shot in the neck Saturday evening, allegedly by Harper, Thomas said.

    Smith was hospitalized Sunday in satisfactory condition at The Regional Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn., nursing supervisor Jackie Smartt said. The other officers were reported to be in satisfactory condition or better Sunday.

    After the police chief was shot, officers from the Coahoma County Sheriff's Department were called in and tracked Harper to a nearby home in Friars Point, a town of about 1,400 people 200 miles northwest of Jackson.

    As officers tried to enter the home early Sunday, just after midnight, gunshots rang out, and both Friars Point officer John Martin-Harris and sheriff's deputy Victor Randle were shot, Thomas said.

    With Harris hurt and apparently taken hostage inside the home, police units from surrounding counties, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the Mississippi Department of Corrections were called in.

    ``The suspect took the officer's radio and handcuffs and his gun and he started making demands that he wanted all the police cars except for two to leave,'' Thomas said.

    Around 3 a.m., officers tried to approach the house again, but two more officers were shot, Thomas said. They were identified as sheriff's deputy Neal Mitchell and a corrections officer, apparently from a SWAT team.

    ``There was gunfire exchanged all throughout the night,'' Thomas said.

    Around 5:30 a.m., Harris called from inside the home and the officers discovered that the suspect had slipped away.

    An hour later, about 6:30 a.m., officers had Harper's grandmother's home surrounded. After two more hours of negotiations, Harper surrendered, Thomas said. He was being held at the Coahoma County jail.

    Patrick Parker, who owned the home where the officers were shot, was also taken into custody because he had earlier denied knowing where Harper was, Thomas said.

    It wasn't immediately clear what had led to the shooting Friday night of the Friars Point resident, Doyle Hunter. He was shot in the face and shoulder and remained hospitalized Sunday, said his cousin, Teanna Bell.
    Monday, August 12th, 2002
    8:41 pm
    holy shit
    Two white cops beat up two black men for no good reason ... except this time, the two black men are a cop and a corrections officer.

    11:36 am
    i'm writing an article about cop death scenes in movies.
    so i want to know- what's your favorite?
    Thursday, July 18th, 2002
    1:12 pm
    Anyone know of any good police brutality sites? Whenever I search I only come up with the October 22nd site.

    What happened to CopWatch? Is it still around? We need that more than ever.

    Was the pig charged yet for the Inglewood case or is it still pending? They are trying to say that he was grabbing his balls which is of course an easy explanation when you look at the video because you can't see the kid's hands. I'm wondering why exactly he didn't even once look down or try to remove the "hand" from his crotch? Also, if slamming his head into the cruiser was necessary (they call it "pushing" in the cnn article) then the punching most definitely was not since it is obvious that the kid's hands are handcuffed and too far away from the pig to be grabbing his balls.


    Current Mood: angry
    Monday, July 15th, 2002
    7:52 pm
    Thursday, July 11th, 2002
    10:47 pm
    Man who shot the police beating of a 16 year old is arrested.

    Also in the article it is claimed that the teen "deserved to be punched."


    Current Mood: bummed
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