ren (taxishoes) wrote in copkillers,

police shooting in my home ghetto

I was talking to my mom on the phone and she was telling me about this kid in the neighborhood who was shot by a cop for having a gun, but really it was only a BB gun.

The next day my brother invited a friend over so they could run around shooting each other with their air guns, and my mom called the police station to let them know, and asked them not to shoot her son while he was playing in her front yard.

They told her to tell him to play inside. She told me she was trying to call the ACLU. She says, "My son has a right to play outside." With his gun. Yeah.

It's crazy that my brother could get shot for nothing. It's funny because my mom is really against guns, even toy guns.

And um, I just thought I'd share that 'cause it's not like anyone really posts in here.
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